Why is a Book Cover Important?

A book’s cover makes the first impression on its prospective readers. Therefore, it’s given that a book cover design is one of the most vital aspects of selling a book. If the cover of a book isn’t designed well, the publisher and the author will most likely lose sales. So, if you’re an aspiring author, you must consider getting a professional book cover designer to create a book cover that will sell.

Growing up, we were always told not to judge a book by its cover, and while it does hold true when it involves our opinion of others, we can’t honestly say the same when choosing books.

True enough, there are cases when books with great covers contain bland content and vice-versa. Still, to an extent, the book’s cover works as its calling card. When browsing the bookstalls at a fair, the eyes are naturally drawn to the book cover that contains the title, tag lines, images, and more.

What Should a Book Cover Do?

A book cover, first of all, has to create an impact, which can be done in many ways: a simple line art drawing, the use of one bold color, the combination of colors, one element, a full-blown landscape, etc.

The cover should stand out and look great in a tiny icon form or thumbnail, which is how most potential readers will see it through online stores and bookshops.

Book covers may also be manufactured to look like a specific genre, no matter the number of stereotypes applied. A fantasy ready might not have heard of a particular book, but if they see a hooded figure, castle, dragon, sword, or any combination, their brain will plausibly register and maybe push them to read it.

Any bookstore will have buyers bound to be enticed by how much creative energy a book cover has. Let’s look at some of the importance of a book cover in the success and durability of a book.

Catch The Buyer’s Attention

Although tons of books are hitting the market, a memorable cover can decide whether a book becomes a hit or a flop. The cover of the book gives away just enough information to persuade a reader and capture the story within without exposing too much. A great book cover design shows that the pages inside are worth the buyer’s money, time, and attention.

Gives a Glimpse of the Book

The primary purpose of a book cover is to attract the readers’ attention toward it. A simple and not overdone glimpse of the book’s story is a great way to do it. The book cover also conveys the purpose or theme of a story in a particular manner.

However, some authors sometimes ruin their book by including too much information on the book cover, eloquent imagery, and flashy fonts. A nicely done book cover has a graphic design that keeps its potential readers interested. And although it’s never an excellent idea to divulge the whole story, revealing a book’s hook in its cover can be highly successful.

Contains the Book’s Information

One of a potential reader’s concerns when buying a book is the clarity of its information. Whether it’s a Children’s book, a fiction novel, or an educational discussion of happiness and health, a book cover gives its readers a glimpse of the book’s vital information, which offers an apprehension into the essence of its core message.

Additionally, the book cover delivers the layout of the story inside, an excellent piece of information that captures the buyer’s attention.

The book cover is one of the best marketing assets for a book. Bookshops typically display the books with the covers facing the potential reader, which means that the book’s cover is the first thing that a buyer sees. A book with a great cover design is usually one of the reasons why a book gets picked up, especially in a supermarket setting where each book faces the front. Even the authors are distinguished by the font, the creativity of their book cover, the letters spelling out the title, the composition, and the whole look of a book series.

Boast About the Book Reviews

Book reviews are an overview of the experience of a person’s, particularly a notable one, intuitive reading experience. Book reviews usually offer a helpful insight into whether a book is worth reading or not. The book covers boasting book reviews also help the prospective readers become familiar with what it’s about, give a clue of how they might react to it, and decide whether the book will be the right for them.

Keeps the Binding Together

When a book is placed on a bookshelf, all the reader can see is its spine, which binds the book and keeps the edges intact. An undamaged book bind improves their shelf life.