Reading The Dresden Files Books in Order

Ah yes, the Sci-Fi T.V. show The Dresden Files with Paul Blackthorne was canceled on short notice leaving all wondering what now. Luckily it was an adaption of a book series and way more prominent than the show. The Urban fantasy, written by Jim Butcher, follows investigations of Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden. He is Chicago’s first wizard, P.I.

The book takes place where magic is real, from demons, faeries, vampires, to werewolves. He walks the fine line between the supernatural and human world, taking jobs for both sides. In addition, he is there to protect the public against more dangerous creatures. Interesting right! But where do you start reading the books? We are here to help.

The Dresden Files Books

When it comes to reading The Dresden Files book, you can follow the novels or read the short stories or a few comics. But we will only be concentrating on the novels today.

1. Storm Front

The police bring Harry Dresden in to help them with grisly double murder done with black magic. For him, this means a solution to his financial difficulties. Yet, where black magic is involved, you have a black mage standing behind it. But that specific mage knows his name. The Storm Front is the first book to read to live yourself into the world of Dresden.

2. Fool Moon

When the story starts, Dresden has not been very busy with any mundane or magical work. As a result, he cannot afford his next meal or pay accounts. Then another murder comes along where his supernatural expertise is needed. He investigates a mutilated corpse with strange-looking paw prints yip, it is a full moon, and you can take three guesses as the first two will not count, but magic can get someone killed.

3. Grave Peril

Oh, my word, all over Chicago, there are ghosts rampant causing loads of trouble. Who is called in? Yes, you guessed right Harry is there to help. These spirits are not your typical ghosts but deadly. Someone is stirring them to wreak havoc. Yet why and why do these victims have so many ties with Harry. If he does not figure it out, he is going to end up as a spirit.

4. Summer Knight

Harry gets an offer from The Winter Queen of Faerie, and he cannot refuse. Why, as his supernatural faerie godmother has a hold over him, and he wants to free himself. Dresden needs to find out who murdered the queen’s right-hand man, the Summer Knight, to clear her name. If you’re also looking to read the witcher book series, you should check it out.

5. Death Masks

Yes, when things go good for Harry, then something always happens to make it go wrong. Some snippets are Harry dueling with a vampire who must kill to end a war between the wizards and vampires. Then you have professional hit men on his tail and so much more.

More Dresden Files Books to Read

While these are the started books to read, once you complete them, you can start reading the others in the following order:

  • Blood Rites – in the book, Harry gets his worst assignment going undercover in an adult film set.
  • Dead Beat – A killer vampire threatens to destroy Karrin Murphy, a good friend of Harry.
  • Proven Guilty – Harry needs to look into rumors of black magic for The White Council.
  • White Night – Someone targets members of the supernatural underclass.
  • Small Favor – The war between the Red Court and White Council’s easing up but Mab, a monarch, calls in a favor that he cannot refuse.
  • Turn Coat – Harry helps veteran warden Morgan to clear his name.
  • Changes – An ex-lover of Dresden, Susan Rodriquez, needs his help as she knows a dreadful secret.
  • Side Jobs – this is another collection of short stories.
  • Ghost Story – Dresden is trapped between life and death after getting shot.
  • Cold Days – Harry is now Mab’s Winter Knight and needs to step in to prevent an apocalypse.
  • Skin Game – Mab trades Dresden’s skills to pay off his debt, and all hell breaks loose in the book.
  • Peace Talks – Harry joins the White Council’s security team to civilly negotiate between the supernatural nation and the world.
  • Battle Ground – Harry needs to fight a powerful woman bringing an army.