How to Teach Good Reading Habits in Children

Reading is one of the most important skills a child needs to learn in order for them to be successful in life. Reading does not only benefit children academically. It is also a skill that is useful throughout one’s lifetime. Reading also develops a person’s vocabulary, promotes more assertive analytical thinking, and increases attention span. That is why in this article, we are going to give you some tips on how to teach good reading habits to children

  • Make reading a daily habit – From the day your child is born, make it to the point that you will read to them every day, even if you think they would not understand it. Babies respond to the soothing rhythm of a voice. That is why when you read aloud to them, and they feel that they are being cuddled on a warm lap. If you make reading a habit, your child would likely grow up used to it, and they would always be looking forward to it. Speed reading is a very useful habit to teach children to prepare for lots of school reading. 
  • Make a reading space – Do not worry. Your reading space does not have to be a whole room with a lot of books and bookshelves. You can take the corner of a room where your child sleeps and keep a book or two that you know can help you connect with your child. 
  • Make them see that you’re reading, too – Whether it’s magazines, books, or graphic novels, make it to the point that they also see you reading. This is because kids learn from what they see and observe. If they see you excited about reading, your child will likely catch your enthusiasm. 
  • Take them to the library –  A trip to the library is an excellent idea because it is a beautiful place for your child to explore new books for free. Not only that, but some libraries also have story hours as well as other literacy programs for children. Taking children to great libraries like the Lyndon Baines Johnson library and museum in Austin, Texas can help to inspire children to read and learn more. 
  • Let your child pick what to read – Make your trip to the library extra exciting by giving your child the time to explore and look around. Be more patient with them and let them pick out the books they want to read themselves. Just make sure that you guide them to the right topic or reading level by giving them a section of books to choose from. 
  • Re-read their favorite books – We get it. You might get tired of reading the same story to your child over and over again. However, your child may really love the story of a particular book. Remember that kids like to look back on what they missed the first time they encountered the story or the pictures. Re-reading the book also gives them a chance to be more familiar with the words they see on the page and the words that they hear. You might be surprised that one day, your child might start reading a book to you. 
  • Make reading a part of your everyday life – Reading does not always mean that you have to sit down with a good book. It is a part of our daily life, too. That is why as you go through your day, you can play a game with your child to have “reading moments.” You can have them read recipes, road signs, or even grocery lists. 
  • Be more creative – As you’re reading to your child, you can try acting out different roles in the book. You can get their attention even more if you encourage them to play a character in the book and have them recite their dialogue. 
  • Be patient – if you see that your child is having a hard time reading and quickly getting frustrated, take a step back and observe where they are struggling. Please do not get angry with them or pressure them into reading. Always remember to be patient and help them in the areas they are having trouble with.