Tips on Finding the Perfect Book to Read

There’s no doubt that reading is an essential task anyone should engage with. It provides entertainment, inspiration, and valuable information, stress and tension relief, mental stimulation, and many other incredible benefits. Yet, with the tons of books released each week, plus all the other titles already in existence, it can be a daunting job for any reader to decide which one to read. Being a bookworm is already tough, but being an iffy one makes it even more challenging. Fret no more, as we’ve collated some of the best tips on finding the perfect book to read. Read on below to end all the indecisiveness and agony and start reading your next book!

1. Read whatever book you like.

While this rule is simple and must be the core of the decision, many people have a hard time doing so. Rather than opting for the books they like, most resort to following the preference of others, such as sticking on the bestseller lists, stocking the so-called “classics,” or joining the latest fad, deeming that these are the ideal books to read. Don’t limit yourself by making the same mistake. Instead, break the norm and go for your “true” reading taste. There is an abundance of books available out there and you will always find one that can truly match your preference, affect you differently and provide you a memorable reading experience.

2. Figure out your reading taste.

If you haven’t figured out your reading taste as of yet, you’re lucky as you can determine it by following a few simple questions. Do you want books that take a few weeks to finish or ones that will keep you turning the pages and finish them in one sitting? Meanwhile, do you prefer authors that tend to be more straightforward, poetic, dramatic, or complex with their choice of words and sentences? Do you love books with a central character or ones that feature lots of individuals that help build up a bigger, complicated plot? What mood or tone do you like? Is it dark, inspirational, action-oriented, philosophical, thrilling, or laid-back? Answering all those questions will help you find books that truly entice you. Thus, also enabling you to find your reading taste in the process.

3. Discover the genre.

Once you’ve known what your reading taste is, you can now further trim down your options by discovering the genre that you like. You can choose from horror, thriller, science fiction, documentary, fantasy, drama, romance, mystery, sports, or even informational books. There are books that may also encompass various genres, such as mystery-fantasy or thriller romance. What’s great with these genres is that it makes it easier to choose the books, especially if you are able to combine it with your reading taste. For instance, if you want to read a fast-paced rom-com book, Sara Desai’s “Dating Plan” will be an excellent choice. Are you looking for a fast-paced thriller instead? “16th Seduction” by James Patterson will be your best bet.

4. Know your purpose.

If you want to make things simple, another way to find the next perfect book to read is by knowing why you want to read in the first place. Are you looking to be informed? Do you want to enhance a certain skill? Is it for entertainment purposes? Find a book that will suit your intended purpose. Yet, it’s best to allot time and alternate the books you read. For instance, reading fantasy novels will undoubtedly spark your imagination and take you to new worlds. Yet, it may not widen your knowledge. From time to time, insert some mentally stimulating books, too, to find some balance.

5. Don’t judge a book by its cover.

Lastly, you just need to follow that old adage. The first you’ll see in the book and will grab your attention is the cover. Some people tend to base the book’s value on the cover alone, picking ones that look interesting and veering away from ones that seem plain. However, be mindful that the cover and content are two distinctive things. A beautiful cover doesn’t always promise good content. The same goes with an uninteresting cover that doesn’t imply that the book will be boring. So, take the time to read the book – you’ll be surprised how many titles may not be enticing at first look but will provide you a riveting reading journey.

Final Words

The gamut of books available can be overwhelming, making it hard to choose what next book to read. Yet, it’s something that we must be thankful for, as the engrossing variety allows us to have unlimited options to choose from. Just use the above-listed tips to narrow them down and find books that you can genuinely appreciate and make your reading time more worthwhile.