Tips for Promoting Your E-Book

If you’re a writer because it is your passion, then chances are you won’t need to bother with marketing your book. You have to find a publisher that wants to publish your book, and it’s all up to them on how they would sell it. However, if you publish your e-book by yourself and want it to be read by most of your target audience as possible, you got to learn how to market your books. As we all know, marketing takes some pretty serious planning and a lot of effort to do. That is why in this article, we are going to list down some tips that you can follow when it comes to promoting your e-book. 

  • Use the power of social media – As most of us know by now, social media is a very powerful tool, especially if you want to reach a wider audience. That is why we suggest that you set up an author page on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to promote your e-book and engage with your target audience. By making a social media account, you can also observe what kind of promotions and posts gets the most shares, likes, and retweets. You can post the link on your social media accounts so that your readers and followers know where to purchase your e-book. You can also tweet quotes from your e-book or post snaps of them on Instagram stories. You can apply these insights to increase your social media followers and further engage with them to promote your e-book. 
  • Increase your online presence – Aside from being on social media platforms, we suggest that you also go to other websites that receive a lot of traffic. You can search for conversations or forums that discuss the topics that are related to your book. You can even ask for bloggers or websites that are popular among your target audience to feature you in a guest post. 
  • Create your own website or blog – If you do not want to ask other bloggers or influencers to feature you on their page, you can create your own blog or website. We suggest that you do this before you finish writing your e-book. You can entice your audience by blogging about things related to the topic of your e-book. For example, your book is a romance novel, and you can post book reviews or the most iconic characters in that genre.
  • Gather reviews for your e-book – One of the best ways to get your audience attracted to reading your book is to gather some thoughts from other people. The best way to do this is to give free copies of your book to some respected reviewers and ask them politely if they can take a look and allow some time to give out their review about your work. If you are a first time writer, we suggest that you look up at Amazon’s top reviewers and pick the ones that already reviewed books related to your book’s genre. 
  • Learn from other authors and find out what helps them sell – It is not wrong to learn from other people’s success. You can do this by carefully examining some of the most popular e-books in your genre, looking at their cover designs, titles, and their writing approach. If you plan to go through this step, we suggest that you should keep your mind open for changes and suggestions. 
  • Create an appealing book blurb –  A book blurb is what you call the book’s promotional piece. It is typically 100 to 150 words long, and it is usually shown on the back cover or the product description of your book. To write an effective book blurb, you must start with an opening line that will catch your reader’s attention. Follow this up with a glimpse of your e-book’s plot or concept. We suggest that you use compelling words that will suit your e-book’s genre.
  • Pay for advertisements – If you have the extra money to promote your e-book, then we suggest that you pay social media sites and other ad services to increase the chances of seeing your work throughout the internet.