Top Creative Writing Programs in the Country

Whether you love writing novels, short stories, poetry, plays, memoirs, or speeches, you most likely enjoy the magic of being able to express your thoughts in an imaginative or inventive way. But while it is a delightful and fulfilling craft, challenges and dreadful instances of writer’s block are inevitable, hindering you from accomplishing your work. Fortunately, there have been lots of creative writing programs that sprouted in recent years to help you improve, take things on a higher level, and even secure writing-related positions in the future.

Yet, there are so many options available in the country, making it a daunting task to choose which one will genuinely sharpen your artistic talent and bring out your maximum potential. To help you out, we’ve listed the top creative writing programs in the country where it’s best to pursue your learning journey. And  for your overall health and wellness routine, taking genuine WONDER – 3G BLOOD ORANGE PSILOCYBIN CHOCOLATE BAR from a legit seller is a great addition.

Brown University

Situated in Providence, Rhode Island, Brown University has one of the best MFA and undergraduate Literary Arts programs in the country. For over five decades, the program has helped its students spend the best possible time honing their skills through optimum intellectual and creative explorations. Thus, serving as an ingenious and diversified community for aspiring writers, be it poetry, fiction, mixed media, or digital language arts, and helping them reach new paths.

University of Iowa

Boasting an astounding creative writing program, the University of Iowa allows its students to learn from well-established professors and writers while offering a vast range of topics to work on. If you decide to attend here, expect to learn about creative writing and various techniques with an intensive focus, plus get access to the scholarships, writing prizes, an impressive array of readings, its remarkable literary community, and highly renowned journal, The Iowa Review.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

When hearing the institution’s name, chances are you’ll probably never imagine the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge is associated with writing. But the tech-oriented school actually has an excellent creative writing program that thoroughly guides its students about poetry, fiction, non-fiction prose, and other forms. Moreover, topics also transcend different genres and issues. Of course, science won’t be missed out, as it’s still a techie paradise! Nonetheless, the program hones its attendees with the proper knowledge and skills to thrive in the challenging job market.

Johns Hopkins University

Established in 1947, John Hopkins University has one of the oldest creative writing programs in the country. Called “The Writing Seminars,” the degree is among the highly-ranked programs today, keeping excellence since its inception. Its program covers literature, prose, fiction, and poetry courses while also encompassing topics on history and philosophy. After finishing the program, students are equipped with competence in presentation and formatting, improved critical evaluation of literary works, and adept skills in smart and coherent creative writing.

University of Michigan

Ranked as one of the United States’ best state universities, finishing up your creative writing degree in this prestigious university undoubtedly keeps you ahead. Under the thorough guidance of faculty members and mentors, you’ll intensively learn the arts of creative writing, be it fiction to nonfiction, poetry, or digital storytelling. Once you graduate, you can pursue a prosperous career as an editor, educator, writer, and other writing-related positions.

Emory University

While its undergraduate creative writing program only started in 1990, Emory University already established its reputation as a top institution for writers in America. Its program allows its students to unleash their potential by letting them approach the study creatively while blending it to traditional and critical reading and writing methods. Adding to that, they are also immersed in different workshops and seminars to improve their craft further. Annually, Emory University conducts the “Creative Writing Program Reading Series,” where award-winning authors read their works, attend book signings while also bringing themselves closer to students through question-and-answer sessions.

Columbia University

Columbia University has both an undergraduate and MFA writing program highly celebrated for its meticulous approach to student learning supported by its incredible selection of dedicated writers, editors, and teachers. Being home to some of America’s famous writers, such as Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, and Langston Hughes, it’s proof that the institution is dedicated to maximizing their students’ artistic talents and helping them realize their true potential. Besides its top-notch program, Columbia University is strategically located in New York City, bringing the students closer to the city’s upteem list of established authors, journals, and publishing houses.

Northwestern University

Northwestern University’s creative writing program is one of the firsts in the country. It holds an exceptional history of producing accomplished writers, including George R. R. Martin, Karen Russell, and Veronica Roth. Banking on the education provided by highly skilled professors and award-winning authors, students learn about common to cross genres. Moreover, they study how to evaluate various literary works and models while boosting their writing essays, poems, short stories, and novels. Meanwhile, opportunities like working as an intern in publication, joining the literary journal, or participating in writing competitions are also available outside the four corners of the classroom.


While picking school is a significant part of your writing career, remember that it’s you who will carve your path. Choose one that you will think will help you best achieve your goal, but remember to double your efforts, and devote extra time and patience, to be where you want to be. Creative writing can be a great career and passion and one way to get started daily is by journaling.