The Benefits of Picture Books to Children Who are Learning to Read

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What is a picture book, you might wonder? Well, it’s not just your ordinary book – particularly when it comes to children. Picture books are carefully crafted literary works where the illustrations hold a significant role, often just as important as, if not more important than, the accompanying text. These two elements, … Read more

Fun and Easy Tips to Teach Kids How to Read

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Most individuals tend to overlook the intricacies of the learning-to-read process until they find themselves taking on the role of educators for their children at home. Challenging a common misconception, the process of learning to read is not an automatic or innate occurrence. [1] Rather, it unfolds a complicated process requiring deliberate … Read more

How to Teach Good Reading Habits in Children

How to Teach Good Reading Habits in Children

Reading is one of the most important skills a child needs to learn in order for them to be successful in life. Reading does not only benefit children academically. It is also a skill that is useful throughout one’s lifetime. Reading also develops a person’s vocabulary, promotes more assertive analytical thinking, and … Read more