The Pros and Cons of E-Books for Readers

The Pros and Cons of E-Books for Readers

As technology advances, every facet undergoes transformation, and paper is not exempt from this trend. The eBook has firmly taken its place, its downloadable content encompassing all the customary elements of traditional print formats – such as numbered pages, tables of contents, images, visuals, and formatting – similar to any conventional book. … Read more

E-Books vs. Printed Books: Which are Better?

The ongoing discourse between printed books and digital books is a subject that has persisted through the ages. Within this ongoing conversation, there exist advocates for both the tangible allure of printed books and the convenience offered by electronic books, also known as eBooks. This split is driven by diverse preferences and … Read more

Tips for Promoting Your E-Book

If you’re a writer because it is your passion, then chances are you won’t need to bother with marketing your book. You have to find a publisher that wants to publish your book, and it’s all up to them on how they would sell it. However, if you publish your e-book by … Read more

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