Learn More About the History of Cartoons from These Books

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The technical definition of a cartoon is an illustration that is animated in a semi-realistic or non-realistic style for satire, humor, caricature, or a motion picture. However, not many of us grew up with the literal definition of cartoons; some experienced childhood with something more personal. The name “cartoon” conjures up images … Read more

Reading The Dresden Files Books in Order

Reading The Dresden Files Books in Order

Ah yes, the Sci-Fi T.V. show The Dresden Files with Paul Blackthorne was canceled on short notice leaving all wondering what now. Luckily it was an adaption of a book series and way more prominent than the show. The Urban fantasy, written by Jim Butcher, follows investigations of Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden. … Read more

What Level of Readers Should You Target for a Website?

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Writing for a website is not simply a matter of coming up with error-free content. An essential thing that you need to consider when writing is whether you can connect with your readers at the right level. Failing to consider the readers’ level could force them to spend no more than ten … Read more

Why is a Book Cover Important?

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A book’s cover makes the first impression on its prospective readers. Therefore, it’s given that a book cover design is one of the most vital aspects of selling a book. If the cover of a book isn’t designed well, the publisher and the author will most likely lose sales. So, if you’re … Read more

Reasons to Have a Monet Reproduction at Your House

He Is a Master of Colors

Some people are birthed onto this Earth with the purpose to leave back an exemplary legacy that will revolutionize worlds and immortalize them perennially. The bearded Frenchman, Oscar Claude Monet, the master Impressionist was one of such few individuals. He was the most influential painter of his time as his ways and … Read more

Can You Be A Minimalist Bookworm?

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Reading books is no doubt one of the most popular hobbies any person could have. Although not everyone is interested in reading, there are some people who find this activity fascinating. These people who are fond of reading are often called bookworms, and from the name itself, they are the types of … Read more

When Should You File Bankruptcy Using an Attorney?

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Filing for bankruptcy can be a lasting solution to those huge disturbing debts. Many individuals often resort to filing for bankruptcy when their situation starts to get serious. And this option seems to provide lasting solutions to their problems. And some are often confused about whether to file for bankruptcy or how … Read more

Craft Ideas for Scrapbooking

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Scrapbooking is a fun way to preserve and present your personal history to your family and friends. Creating a scrapbook offers a great bonding time with your family, which also helps boost a person’s creativity and crafting skills. A scrapbook usually includes photographs, printed media, and artworks glued on each page of … Read more

Top Creative Writing Programs in the Country

Top Creative Writing Programs in the Country

Whether you love writing novels, short stories, poetry, plays, memoirs, or speeches, you most likely enjoy the magic of being able to express your thoughts in an imaginative or inventive way. But while it is a delightful and fulfilling craft, challenges and dreadful instances of writer’s block are inevitable, hindering you from … Read more