The History of Audiobooks


The popularity of audiobooks is on the rise, with a growing number of people choosing to listen to books rather than reading them. In fact, audiobooks represent the fastest-growing sector in the digital publishing industry. According to the Audio Publishers Association, half of Americans aged 12 and above have experienced audiobooks, and … Read more

The Benefits of Audiobooks

The Benefits of Audiobooks

The rise of audiobooks among this generation signifies a notable shift in literary consumption. Increasingly, individuals are embracing the convenience and unique advantages offered by audio formats, departing from traditional reading practices. This trend reflects modern society’s evolving preferences and lifestyles, as people seek more accessible and flexible ways to engage with … Read more

Book Reading Audio Websites For Blind People

A person reading a book, along with a mic and headphones

When we usually talk about blind people or, some say, visual impairment, people often think of braille, walking stick, and guide dogs to assist them. But what we sometimes forget is how the aid for the visually impaired has evolved through the years. As we know it, visual impairment has been recorded … Read more