Can You Be A Minimalist Bookworm?

Reading books is no doubt one of the most popular hobbies any person could have. Although not everyone is interested in reading, there are some people who find this activity fascinating. These people who are fond of reading are often called bookworms, and from the name itself, they are the types of person who seem to inhabit books. 

When we think of bookworms, the first thing that might come to our minds is that they are people who own a lot of books. This statement could sometimes be correct as some bookworms usually have a collection of books inside their house. However, there are times that bookworms tend to take it slow and just enjoy reading their favorite book. 

Some people don’t bother collecting books, as long as they are sitting in their comfortable chair, having a cup of tea, while reading their favorite book. With this said, we can say that some bookworms are fine with being minimalist. But is it really possible to become passionate about books while being a minimalist? In this article, we are going to look into the different ways on how you can be a minimalist bookworm. 

Check for Old Books You Finished Reading

As a bookworm, it is normal for you to spend hours and hours just to finish reading a single book. In some cases, some people tend to finish dozens of books in a few days, making their bookshelves filled with books they already finished reading. Some people might find this interesting as they could simply add them to their collection, but if you are a minimalist bookworm, you should be wary of these finished books as they would occupy space on your shelves. You should always be on the lookout for any finished book, then decide what you want to do next. You could always sell your books or donate them to others. There are many ways to dispose of an old book; just choose the best option that suits your preference. 

Limit the Number of Books You Own

As a bookworm, it could sometimes be tempting to buy a new book. But buying books while having a lot of unfinished books is a bad idea for minimalist bookworms. Constantly filling your shelf with unread books make you less productive and would soon make your collection challenging to finish. One practice to help you avoid this problem is to limit the number of books you own. Depending on how many hours you spend on reading, you could limit your collection to five to eight books; this could be more depending on your preference. You could also use a smaller bookshelf that has the capacity to fit fewer books. It is fine to buy several books as a minimalist bookworm but make sure they wouldn’t be stored on your shelves for a long time, making them old and dusty. 

Use the Library

Minimalist people don’t like the idea of having a lot of things, especially those they don’t need. That is why a minimalist bookworm always makes sure to organize their collection wisely and get rid of books they have already finished reading. In addition to this, some minimalist bookworms utilize their local libraries to satisfy their passion for books. Reading in a library is an excellent idea for minimalist bookworms since it could significantly lessen the number of books you own. You would have the option to read at the library or borrow a book to take it home. Whichever option you choose, utilizing the library could help you limit the books you have, which is great for minimalists. 

Think Twice Before Buying a Book

Just like in buying any other items, you should always think twice before buying a book. There are times that you see a book online or at the bookstore, then you would suddenly get the urge to buy it. Buying books without thinking twice could be a bad idea, especially if you are trying to limit the number of books in your collection. Before you buy a book, you need to check several factors to know if it is the right one. Don’t get convinced in buying books just because they are trendy or popular; look for reviews and see if the book would fit your preference.