Best Gifts for Your Bookworm Daughter

If you have a daughter who loves books, then you’ve got someone really special. Kids nowadays like to spend time on social media and other things on their phones. However, it’s hard to figure out what gifts you should buy for them. Why stop at a new book when there are many things out there that your bookworm daughter might like. That is why in this article, we are going to give you a list of the perfect gifts you can give to your daughter who loves books.

    • Bookends – Girls are naturally sentimental, which is why you might find your daughter holding on to her books even if she read them a couple of times over. As their collection of books starts to grow, they will need something to keep their book safe and sound on the shelf. That is why giving them a bookend can be thoughtful and helpful at the same time. You can go the extra mile and find someone who makes personalized bookends.
    • Bookmarks – This may be a cliché gift, and you probably think that your bookworm daughter probably owns hundreds of bookmarks by now. But, you can never have too many bookmarks. Some bookmarks get lost in the books pages or can be folded down and look crumpled. That is why bookworms will always appreciate a pretty-looking bookmark.
    • Framed Quotes – Your daughter probably has a favorite quote from one of the books she read. It probably became encouraging words for her, or she could relate to it personally. This is why surprising them with a framed version of their favorite quote can be a great gift idea.
    • Cute and meaningful refrigerator magnets – You can also give your bookworm daughter some ref magnets that have inspirational quotes or the cover art of their favorite book. This will not only excite your bookworm daughter, the quotes and message printed in the ref magnet can also be a push of inspiration for your daughter.
    • Foldable reading lamp – No one wants to read in a dark-lit room. That is why one of the perfect gifts that your money can buy for your bookworm daughter is a portable and rechargeable battery. Not only that, but a foldable reading lamp can also double as a camping light, and if you’re done using it, you can easily fold it up and store them.
    • Page holder – This neat thing makes reading with one hand a lot easier. A page holder has a simple but stylish design that can help you keep the pages of a book open while you’re reading. You will be surprised to find out that your bookworm daughter will start using this contraption, and you will be surprised to find out that she will never read book’s without a page holder ever again.
    • Personalized jewelry – Let’s admit, receiving jewelry as a gift is one of the best things in life, especially if you are a girl. You can give your daughter a personalized one that has her initials on it as well as her favorite book quote. Trust us; they will love you for it.
    • Personal library kit – A bookworm indeed dreams of having her own library filled with her favorite books. You can start and support your daughter’s dream of owning her own library by giving her a personal library kit. This kit is complete with library cards, a pen, paper, and even a stamp.
    • Comfortable blankets and pillows – Make your daughter’s reading corner as cozy as possible by giving them comfortable pillows and blankets they can curl up to while they are reading.
    • A gift cheque from their favorite bookstore – Nothing screams happiness for a bookworm than getting free books. Giving your daughter a gift cheque from her favorite bookstore allows her to buy the book she really wants. This way, you can guarantee that your daughter will definitely like what you gave to her.
    • A quirky mug or tumbler – Long reading sessions can make bookworms thirsty; that is why in order to keep your daughter hydrated while she’s reading, we suggest that you give her a fun literary mug or tumbler to keep at their side while they’re on a reading streak.
    • Kindle – If your daughter is always on the go, then she will definitely be happy to own a kindle. She will be able to carry a bunch of books that she can read while she’s traveling.
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