About Us

Welcome to our website!  We are a mother-daughter team who love to read.  We wanted to created a space where We will e doing book reviews and comparing our thoughts.  We will also be having guest book reviewers share their thoughts on books as well.  We will also be exploring the world of literature in all its many wonderful and glorious facets.

The Mother

I am a 40-ish (29 forever in my heart!) mother, wife, sister, daughter, sister-in-law, niece, aunt, cousin…um, I think that covers most of it! I am embarking on a journey which brings together some of the things I love most in my life: books, the internet, and sharing my opinions. I will read practically anything including autobiographies, parenting books, children’s books, young adult books, murder mysteries, paranormal fiction, suspense, thrillers, classics, crime, and fantasy. I get something different from each genre.

I am also interested in reading and reviewing adult books.  I read a variety of genres including supernatural/paranormal, thriller/suspense, mysteries, young adult, classics, contemporary, chick lit, autobiographies, and non-fiction (especially parenting books). Ok, I admit it: I’m really starting to get into dystopian fiction. T

I also love running, baking, doing cross-stitch, and drinking coffee – who knows I might ramble on about those too.

The Daughter

I am a 20 something currently working part time and enrolled in college courses.  I love to read which my mom instilled in me. I’ve been read to before going to bed every night since I’ve been born and have been reading by myself since just before I turned 4. Now I read at least 1 or 2 books every week! I can also read, write, and speak French. I am also an artist and I love painting and drawing. This is a picture of my painting: “Starry Night”. It’s my favorite.

I’m looking forward to sharing my opinions about the books I read.

Contact Us

If you are a publisher, publicist, or author, and wish for us to review a book, please click fill out the Contact Us form.  Happy Reading!

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