Not only is Renee friendly and professional, her promotions work.  I’ve seen a spike in sales when she promotes our books, even though I haven’t discounted them.  Her reviews are exactly what potential customers are looking for – a proper analysis of what children like (or not) about the books.

[Book Review Promotion Package (Gold), The Dinotek Adventures]

Sonya McGilchrist, Dinosaur Books Ltd

I was excited when Renee agreed to coordinate a Book Blast Giveaway for my interactive children’s ebook “Mysteries of the Grand Canyon”. While it was neat to see the number of giveaway entries climb to almost 20,000, the greatest help was in expending my online presence. Thanks to the Blast, I received several thorough book reviews, which I especially appreciate since not many reviewers review books for the iPad. Moreover, the Blast strengthened my presence on google searches, increased the number of twitter followers, and established my presence on Goodreads, where I now have more reviews and my ebook is well marked as ‘have-to-read.’ Renee was a joy to work with and she always made me feel that promoting my book was really important to her.

[Mysteries of the Grand Canyon Book Blast]

Marie von Minden, Author

It was an absolute pleasure working with Renee and the team at Mother Daughter Book Reviews. I was looking for a way to make my book ‘Billy and the Monster who Ate All the Easter Eggs’ accessible to a bigger audience in the run-up to Easter. The Book Blast campaign Renee suggested went along way towards making that book my most successful that month. But that wasn’t all. Perhaps, more importantly, I saw a surge of additions to my fans and followers on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. I also had more than a hundred people join my mailing list. It was a fantastic and painless experience and I know who and where I’ll be going to when I need help marketing my books. I highly recommend Renee and her team!

[Billy and the Monster Who Ate All The Easter Eggs Book Blast]

David Chuka, Author

As the author of an independently published title, I was hoping to make a big splash with my free days on Amazon. Renee and MDBR was one of the first people to truly take an interest in my project and her plan to review and promote my title went off without a glitch. It was amazing to finally watch my book rise on its Amazon ranking and it never would have happened without Renee’s Tweets and Facebook posts!

[What if? Book Review Promotion Package (Gold)]

Jessica Barondes, Author

It’s true what they say, good content and GREAT exposure do lead to success! I can’t recommend Mother Daughter book promotion services enough! Renee’s professional manner, attention to detail and vast world wide network produce outstanding results! Get your book noticed! Absolutely will use her services again!

[Lobo’s Howliday Book Blast Promotional Service, Lobo Finds Bigfoot Book Spotlight Promotional Service]


C.L. Murphy, Author

Mother Daughter Book Reviews—an essential tool in your marketing tool box

The internet has most definitely evolved since the publication of my first book more than 6 years ago. Facebook, Personal Blogs, Twitter, and Pinterest have become the go-to resources for just about any topic one can imagine, including book selection. Luckily, I discovered another valuable resource that was able to assist me with the promotion of my latest books—Mother Daughter Book Reviews (MDBR). Not only do I visit this site frequently to discover new books, but I have also discovered the promotions for the books reviewed by the family behind MDBR.

Renee, chief mom-in-charge of MDBR, was quite knowledgeable and guided the selection of a promotion package that best suited my needs. She maintained consistent communication, provided a complete and thorough description of the promotion package I chose, and fully utilized the aforementioned internet avenues (Facebook, her own blog, Twitter, and Pinterest) to spread the word about my latest books.

As a result of the book promotion package I chose from Mother Daughter Book Reviews, I have attained multiple downloads of my e-book, significantly increased traffic to my Facebook page, and increased sales of my books through Amazon.

I highly recommend the services provided by Renee and Mother Daughter Book reviews as part of your book marketing strategy.

[Sometimes Snow Falls in the Summer Book Review Promotion Package]

Deb Troehler, Author

I’ve had a strong increase in traffic to Goodreads and to other social media links, so I’m very happy with the program I purchased from Renee. Her opinion really counts in the reading community and I don’t have any doubts about the value of investing in her promotional program. All along the way she made sure that my intents and needs were her priority and allowed ample input and time to best reach my goals.

[Odin’s Book Review Promotion Package (Gold)]

Sandy Brehl, Author

My first blog tour experience for my book FOUR FIENDS was through Mother Daughter Book Reviews, and I can say I had a fantastic time doing it. Renee was great to work with, I received a lot of amazing reviews that have helped strengthen my book’s online presence, and the entire process went as smooth as silk. I am planning to use the services provided by Mother Daughter Book Reviews for future promotions of my books.

[Four Fiends Blog Tour]

Nikki Bennett, Author

As a new author, I chose carefully among various promotional opportunities. One of my best decisions was using the services provided by Renee at Mother-Daughter Book Reviews. Renee followed through on all she promised, and my book received several weeks of thoughtfully-written reviews and publicity on various social media. Moreover, I found Renee a pleasure to work with in every way. I would not hesitate in recommending MDBR.

[GG and Mamela Blog Tour]

Belinda Brock, Author

If you are looking for an online book promotions company, look no further than Mother Daughter Book Reviews. With their range of packages, and broad social media reach, they are able to spread the news of your new release for the best value. Don’t waste your time and money on other packages that don’t deliver. Trust in this company, and know that you will be taken care of. Mother Daughter Book Reviews promoted my Princess Madeline trilogy, and I would trust them with any future children’s or middle grade books.

[The Princess Madeline Trilogy Book Blast, Princess Madeline and the Dragon Blog Tour]

Kirstin Pulioff, Author

Renée of Mother Daughter Book Reviews made the blog tour process simple and fun. She lined up an amazing group of bloggers and took care of all the little details, ensuring the tour was a great success. I will definitely seek her help in promoting my next children’s book!

[Fox Talk Blog Tour]

L.E. Carmichael, PhD, Author

Outstanding service and a pleasure to work with!

Mother Daughter Book Reviews exceeded my expectations for my first Book Blast Giveaway! I was thrilled with the results and some—one third growth in company Facebook Likes, 8% increase in Twitter followers, and several book reviews!  What I appreciated most from Renee was the level of detail and attention she gave to my project, making me feel like I was her most important client.

[Tale of the Messed Up Talent Show Book Blast]

Melissa Perry Moraja, Author

The Book Blast for my early reader, A Tumbleweed Christmas, has recently ended, and it was a blast. I sent Mother and Daughter Book Reviews my information and they did the rest. The number of readers, writers, and other nice people that participated surprised me. The book even received a few reviews. I highly recommend Mother and Daughter Book Reviews if you are planning a tour or blast. You won’t be disappointed.

[Tumbleweed Christmas Book Blast Promotion]

Beverly Stowe McClure, Author

We were very pleased with the book blast. 

As an author I am always looking for new ways to promote our children’s books.  We recently utilized the Book Blast service by Mother Daughter Book Reviews and we were delighted with the results.  Our holiday title, The Christmas Owl, received over ten reviews very quickly after release and the blast generated numerous blog posts and tweets which spread the word about our holiday bird.  We highly recommend authors use this service.  You will not be disappointed!

[The Christmas Owl Book Blast Promotion]

Angela Muse, Author

Authors wanting more exposure for their books need to seriously consider MDBR Blog Tours. My three-week tour consisted of 26 stops with more than one stop on some days. I needed reviews for my book Young Knights of the Round Table: The King’s Ransom, and I received 20 top quality reviews. By top quality, I mean that the reviewers were honest and open about my book pointing out what they liked and what they didn’t like. I didn’t receive all 5 star reviews, but then I would have thought it strange if I had. I also had three interviews where the bloggers supplied their own questions, and I did three guest posts.  Renee picked bloggers/reviewers that focused on kids books and the people who buy them: adults. The variety of sites allowed exposure to audiences that I had not approached, as well as some that I knew about. The layout of the reviews, interviews, and posts were top notch.

One thing I do want to stress: If you think all you have to do is sit back and let Renee do all the work for you, then MDBR Blog Tours is not for you. To make this tour, and other tours, successful, you need to post notifications several times a day for each visit. You also need to check back throughout the days and the tour to reply to comments.

I highly recommend Mother Daughter Book Review Tours for children’s/MG/YA authors.

[Young Knights of the Round Table Blog Tour; Guinevere: On the Eve of Legend Book Spotlight Package]

Cheryl Carpinello, Author

When Escargot Books re-issued a children’s book by Peter Mayle, Mother Daughter Book Reviews did a fantastic job helping us spread the word. From start to finish they were professional, ethical, reliable and intelligent. We look forward to working with them again in the future.

[The Adventures of Chilly Billy Book Review Promotion Package]

Alicia Varga, Escargot Books

I contacted Renee a few months ago for support in launching my debut children’s book, The Colour blind Chameleon. Renee was extremely helpful and co-ordinated a Book Blast for me, which resulted in over 50 shares, articles and reviews. The Raffle Copter draw achieved over 11,000 entries, which is fantastic exposure, and, whilst its hard to track, my Facebook page achieved a lot of new ‘likes’ over this period as well.

As a self published author with a shoe string budget, Renee’s Book Blast services were a great way to gain exposure in the highly competitive children’s book market. I wouldn’t hesitate in using Renee’s services again.

[The Colourblind Chameleon Book Blast]

Laura Kantor, Author